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The help documentation for Free Gift Registry is as below, if you still have problems please Contact Us.

I'm a visitor to Free Gift Registry

How do I start a Gift Registry?

I cannot find my friends or family's registry?
If you can't find your friends or family's registry you may use the Seach Function to find their registry address. If the registry is not listed or you cannot find it, we recommend contacting the occasion host.

How do I register a gift?
Once you have logged into or accessed your friend's or family's Gift Registry, by expanding the groups on the page you can access a list of gifts that are available to register. To register one or many gifts; you must either enter a $ amount that will be contributed, a quantity contribution of a certain item or a purchase of an item specified.
Once this is complete you can click "Click to Proceed »" button. Finally you can optionally enter your details or keep your name and message anonymous until after the event.
Free Gift Registry works by first registering your gift or contributions then second going out to purchase the gift or part of the gift or contribute finacially.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes you can.
When registering your gift to register, you can either not enter any personal information or keep your name, email address and message hidden until after the event. These are all options in the gift registration page after you have selected the gifts you would like to purchase.

Is it secure?
Yes, Free Gift Registry is.
Nobody can access your personal information (name, email and personal message) if you have marked the registration as anonymous until after the occasion and only by the occasion hosts.
If you choose not to provide any information, that is okay also. We do not collect additional information from you in this circumstance automatically.
For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

I found a problem, what should I do?
Please contact us and let us know!
Free Gift Registry provides automatic notifications to our tech team but it is also helpful to know if a different problem is occuring or something doesn't make sense.

Theres no gifts?
If there is no gifts, well this is a good problem for the occasion host to have! :-)
You can do one of two options. First contact the hosts by clicking the "Contact Sarah & Tim" (eg) button and letting them know OR next to this link is a Suggest a Gift button which you could provide an idea they may like.

I don't know what the password is?
If the secret hint and password code isn't obvious to you, you can contact the occasion hosts by clicking the "Contact Sarah & Tim" (eg) button at the top of the registration page. Don't be embarrassed to contact them for the code and not knowing the answer, this is a security measure to ensure no problem people get into the registration.

It says the registry is expired or not found?
The registry may say that it is expired because the occasion has passed and reached it's expiry date (set by the occasion hosts).
The gift registry may also state that it could not be found or an error has occurred, this could occur if you have typed the occasion address wrong ( or the occasion doe not exist.

Can I find more information on gifts?
The gift registry information is added by the occasion host, if by clicking "View More Detail" doesn't provide you with more information. Feel free to contact the occasion host by clicking the "Contact Sarah & Tim" (eg) button at the top of the page.

How does contribute financially work?
Free Gift Registry offers the occasion hosts an option to allow their gifts/friends/family to contribute to larger items financially.
This does not use Credit Card facilities or automatically debting functions. This is a manual process where by first an amount is registered as being contributed, you can do this by entering an amount in your local currency in the $ box and following the gift registration process. Then second manually giving the money to the occasion hosts, by Cheque or Cash, at the occasion (typically in an card/envelope).

How does quantity contributions work?
Similar to finacial contributions, quantity contributions work by allowing guests to contribute one or more to many of the same items.
For example a couple need a dinnerset (4 pieces) but they may need three sets to get enough pieces, it might be a big ask for your guests to contribute all three dinnersets so you can allow three guests to get one dinnerset each.

How do I start a Gift Registry?

Do I need to register first?
Yes you do.
When creating your occasion and gift registry, you will require a login to manage the page. Your registration is used first to create the occasion. The information we require is your name, email address and a password. Your email address is only used for system notifications and your login.

What is an occasion?
An occasion is Free Gift Registry's labelling for a party/event/purpose for receiving gifts. You can create an occasion after registration. An occasion can include as much or as little detail as your comfortable with.

What personal information do I need to give?
As much as your comfortable with.
Unlike many other online gift registries, we do not require your DOB, credit card, address or any other information. In your registration, all we want to know is your name, email address and a password you are comfortable with.

An occasion can include more information but again, this is NOT required but optional for adding.

Are there any limitations?
No, not intentionally.
Free Gift Registry is only a free service, we do not have hidden fees or limitations for our users.

How much can I customise my page?
You can customise almost everything!
When creating an occasion you can customise the look/colours/feel of the page, gift groups, gifts and occasion information.

How does the gift registration work?
When you register your gifts through your Login, you can specify how you would like your gift registration to work. You have three options:

a) One of Purchase
b) Contribute Financially - More Information
c) Quantity Contributions - More Information

The three options gives you maximum control over what you get. For more information please click through to More Information.

Free Gift Registry does not purchase the gifts for you but registers them for you, saving you cost and provides more options. You can specify your gifts from any store at any location, not limiting to any brands.

How can I tell my friends/family?
Easy, Invite Friends function.
Once you have created your occasion you can very easily invite friends via email by clicking the Invite Friends button on the first login page.
We are testing a variety of exciting new functions soon.

What are the different types of gifts?
You can put whatever gifts you would like on your registry. You can have you guests give in three different methods: a) One of Purchase
b) Contribute Financially - More Information
c) Quantity Contributions - More Information

Why use gift categories?
Gift Categories are an easy and simple way to group your gifts together. Instead of having your guests search through a large list of gifts, they can drill down quickly and easily to what they desire to get for you.

Is it actually free? Why?
Free Gift Registry is completely free, there is no additional charges.
In the future we may offer optional services at a cost but the Free Gift Registry service will always stay true to it's name.
Why? - All good things on the internet are free... so is this service!

Register Now - It's Free.
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"Finally a website where you are not limited to a particular store and can request gifts from anywhere. If only I had known about it when I got married! The site is also really easy to use and requests for help are immediately addressed. Thanks for such a great service."
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