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Free Gift Registry works by giving you the ability to share a gift list with friends and family so they know what to get you for your occasion. Whether you’re organising a wedding, engagement, birthday, baby shower, house warming, fundraising or any other event, Free Gift Registry can help to make sure that your guests get you the things you want.

The best part about Free Gift Registry is that it’s FREE! That’s right, it costs you nothing to create and use your registry. Some other online services charge in excess of $500 per year for registries, but Free Gift Registry will always be just that – free! Free Gift Registry also gives you the option to add ANY gifts from ANY store anywhere in the world (no pre-set gift lists).

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  • Registration is quick and simple to Free Gift Registry. Simply give us your name, email and password and you can login. Then just give us a few simple details about your event and you’re done. You can create as many events as you want!

    Don't worry we will never give your email or personal details out or use it for unsolicited email - it will just be for your login and system emails.


    In less than 5 mins you can have your registry up and running!
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  • You can select from some of our pre-made designs and colour schemes, or design your own. We also allow you to add your own CSS styling if you are a pro.

    This section of the FAQ has some links to some sample sites for you to preview.


    Select from our premade templates or design your own look to match your event or invitations!
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  • Add relevant gift categories then add the gifts you want. You can even add a direct link to an online store that sells the product you want. Add a photo and some general details so that your friends and family can go to their local store and get the right thing.

    You can select to receive a single item, multiples of the same item, or have people contribute financially to a larger gift such as a holiday or car. Financial contributions can even be taken directly through PayPal if you wish. Add as many gifts as you want.


    Add the gifts you want your friends and family to get you. Any gift from any store.
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  • You can add a password to your registry to stop unwanted visitors seeing your list. The login page also gives visitors a hint as to what the password might be (for example ‘My Dogs Name’), or you can just provide the password on your invitations.


    Keep out any unwanted visitors.
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  • Send your friends an email from Free Gift Registry letting them know about your new registry. It will include your chosen, easy-to-remember address like

    You can even connect into your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail to automatically retrieve your address book list to save you typing them all out.


    Tell your friends and family about your new registry!
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  • The best feature about Free Gift Registry is how your family and friends can interact with your gift list. They can simply select one or more of the items they wish to get for you and add their details. The item will then be removed from the list or the required quantity will be reduced. If the gift is financial, the total will be reduced by the amount selected by the person getting the gift.

    For financial gifts, you can offer an option to receive the cash immediately via PayPal which is also a free service.

    Note: Selecting gifts does not purchase the gift(s), it simply removes it from the list and sends the person an email to remind them to purchase the item(s). The friend giving you the gift will then go out to the shop and purchase the exact gift for you.

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    Gifts can be selected and removed from your registry to avoid double-ups.
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  • After your event, you can log back in to get a list of the items that are still available to go on your own shopping spree. You can also print out a list of who got you each gift which makes the process of writing thankyou cards much easier!


    Free Gift Registry makes writing thankyou notes simple.
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  • If you would like to know any more information or have some questions, please browse through the Frequently Asked Questions or send us an online enquiry.


    Have a question or need more help?
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"I am very happy with the service of Free Gift Registry and I have recommended it to friends. I have also had feedback from friends who have received my invitations with the registry note and they seem to be pleased that they can purchase items where ever they like, they also do not feel obliged to buy a gift off the registry which I am happy about, it leaves the choice up to them."
Renee - for a baby shower

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